Step 1. Sign up
It is really easy and free to sign up to Top Expert and browse the list of experts on the site. Experts set their own minute-to-minute call rates and their profile includes information about their expertise.
Step 2. Pick your expert
Select an expert that suits your needs and then request a phone call with the expert. When you request a call you'll need to suggest three times and dates to chat, estimate the call duration and provide information about what you'd like to discuss. The expert can either accept one of the suggested times/dates, suggest alternatives or decline the call if they don't think they can help. You and the expert can go back and forth suggesting times and dates, till you both accept an available time. The expert has 72 hours to respond to your call request or otherwise the request will expire and you'll be able to get a refund on your payment.
Step 3. Get top advice.
When the expert accepts the call request you'll be pre-charged for the estimated call duration. You'll both be provided with a phone number and access code to call and connect to each other.
At the completion of the call, the final payment will be calculated and you'll be charged extra or refunded money depending on the actual minute duration of the call. You'll also be asked to provide the expert with a rating and review about how helpful you found their advice.

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