To ensure everyone using Top Expert has an informative, rewarding and enjoyable experience, please be considerate of other’s, respectful and honest with how you communicate and behave.

Be on time

It goes without saying that no one’s time is less valuable than yours. So, please dial into the call at the exact time it’s meant to start, or even a couple of minutes earlier. You call starts when both of you have dialled in, so there is no harm in being early. 

Be clear on expectations

Read the experts’ profile carefully and be clear in your call request exactly what you need information or advice about. 

Preparation is key

Whether you are looking for advice or you’re an expert, it is important to be prepared for the call. Re-read what the call is about, do some additional research if necessary and think about specific questions to ask. Calls are charged by the minute, so it’s important to make every minute count.

Have an open mind

You are using Top Expert because you need advice on how to move your business forward. Sometimes there is no right or wrong answer, there is only personal opinion based on experience and expertise. Keep an open mind when chatting to each other and if you are seriously not happy with what you’re hearing, just wrap up and finish the call. And remember, it is just advice... you can take it or leave it.

Advice not sales

Don’t try to sell additional services or products to each other. The call is about getting advice for how to move your business forward. It’s not about on-selling extras. But of course, if at the end of the call you'd like your expert to do some additional work for you, well then it's fine to arrange that between the two of you.


Before joining Top Expert, please read our marketplace rules and Terms and Conditions. If you have a specific question check out our Help Centre.

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